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6 Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmets of 2022 – Review

Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

6 Best Flip up Helmets 2022 For Sale – Buying Guide:

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You have probably found your way to this article looking for the perfect best flip up helmet, right? But what exactly is an ideal helmet? It all depends on the rider’s preferences and needs. Some riders just want a modular helmet that they can flip open to feel the cool breeze during a hot summer ride while others go with more safe and durable options.

But what if you want the best of both? What if you want a helmet that offers as much fun and comfort as it does safety and durability? If you are seeking answers to any of these questions, then go for a flip up helmet. Flip up helmets fall into the modular helmet category and have a reputation as one of the most versatile ranges of helmets owing to their wide range of options and flexibility of use.

A modular helmet or a flip up motorcycle helmet is basically a full-face helmet with a hinge that allows opening it to make it an open face helmet. With a best flip up helmet in 2022, you no longer have to compromise on safety while enjoying the extended field of view as well as superior ventilation throughout your ride!.

While all this is fun and good, you need to find a place where to start # looking for an excellent best flip up helmet at a reasonable price.

That’s where we feature! We have taken the liberty to compile a list of the top 6 best flip up helmets and make sure there is something for everyone on our list! Keep reading below for in-depth reviews and details of the best modular helmets on the market in 2022.

1.HJC IS-MAX2 Solid Modular Motorcycle Helmet:

Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell and Chin bar Single-Button One Handed Chin Bar/Face Shield Release Superior Fit & Comfort Using Advanced CAD Technology.

One-Touch Integrated Smoke-tinted Sunshield Deploys Quickly & Easily (HJ-V5) Three Stage Multiple Positions with Locking Mechanism “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System.

Full Front to Back Airflow Flushes Heat & Humidity Up & Out Quick Slide Tool-less Shield Replacement System (HJ-17) Optically Superior Pin Lock Face shield Provides 95% U.V. Protection Pin lock Insert Sold Separately.

Multiple Optional Face shields & Sunshields Available Supercool Removable & Washable Moisture-Wicking Interior Eyeglass groove can accommodate riders who wear glasses Meets or Exceeds D.O.T. Standards.

A quick-release buckle system allows the user to put on and take the helmet off in a fast and secure fitting on the head. Additionally, the inner liner and cheek pads are easily detachable and washable to assist in easy cleaning.


1. One-Touch Integrated Smoke-tinted Sunshield Deploys Quickly.

2. Single-Button One Handed Chin Bar/Face Shield Release.

3. Superior Fit & Comfort Using Advanced CAD Technology.

4. Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell and Chin bar.


1. A slight mist was still visible.

2. The inner lining could be softer.

3. The visor seems cheap.

4. Could be quieter.

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2.FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets Motorcycle Helmet:

Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet


The FreedConn makes its way as one of our top picks due to its reliability and safety features.

If you are one of the riders with a wish to find a helmet that provides top-tier protection in all riding conditions, FreedConn is the green light for you. With the outer shell composed of advanced polycarbonate, the helmet does not only make a sturdy option but also a very light and well-ventilated one.

It also features a smoke-tinted three-stage adjustable sunshield that locks effortlessly and swiftly. Equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 version, it keeps you connected with a cellphone, music player, and GPS system easily and stably. The motor Bluetooth helmet supports one-button control for calling, answering, rejecting incoming calls, and redialing.

Built-in Bluetooth intercom function, supports 2 riders talking or 3 riders pairing and up to 500m(1640 ft).Built-in 2 premium speakers with full stereo sound. A lightweight shell with an advanced ventilation system makes your ride more comfortable. 


1. Bluetooth FM helmet supports hands-free call (answering, rejecting incoming calls and redialing last number) with 1 multi-functional button.

2. Built in 2 premium speakers with full stereo sound. Advanced DSP echo cancellation.

3. Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth 3.0 technology allows you to enjoy music, FM, GPS voice prompt and intercom stably while riding.

4. FreedConn Bluetooth helmet supports max intercom range up to 1640 feet for 2 riders talking or 3 riders pairing.


1. It becomes a bit noisy after long time.

2. Little bit expensive.

3. Can only be used with up to three riders.

4. Short battery life.

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3.ScorpionEXO Unisex-Adult Modular Modular Helmet:

Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet
This can be used as a full face ADV helmet with an external peak visor attached, or the peak visor can be removed and you have an aerodynamic touring helmet.

Our oversized eye port is extremely wide for greater peripheral vision and downward visibility, and the modular chin-bar can be conveniently flipped up when you stop to get gas or ask for directions. The internal drop-down Speed view sun visor and the liner will keep you comfortable all day long even as lighting conditions change throughout the day.

Additionally, the no-fog Ever clear face shield can be removed and you can use the EXO- AT950 as a dirt helmet with goggles for off-road use. Three shell sizes made of Advanced LG Polycarbonate and dual density EPS, result in a helmet that is light weight, strong, and protective.


1. You can trigger Siri or Android voice command by long press the MFB button for 2 seconds.

2. Provides maximum protective features for all types of rides.

3. The Modular bluetooth helmet offers you clear music and intercom voice even at high speed.

4. Durable yet lightweight and comfortable to wear.


1. The helmet gets loud most times.

2. Removable Front Mask.

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4.Bell Qualifier Motorcycle Helmet:

Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

The moment you put on the Bell SRT helmet, a feeling of first-rate performance takes you over instantly.Multimedia speaker pockets, eyewear compatibility options, fiberglass composite shell, a flip up chin bar you name it!.

The Bell SRT has quite literally everything one can wish for in a modular helmet!.

But that is not all; this state of the art modular helmet offers a wider range of visibility complemented with a wide-periphery and drop-down visor for protection from harsh sunlight and UV radiation.

Like we said before, this helmet has all the bells and whistles you need to take on the road from a top-notch helmet manufacturer.Like its cousin, the Bell Qualifier, the SRT is super easy to wear owing to its lightweight design.


1. DOT approved, product also meets requirements imposed by the California Air Resources Board.

2. Helmet shown with optional tinted shield.

3. Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS shell Construction. Padded wind collar reduces wind and road noise.

4. Velocity Flow Ventilation system with FlowAdjust.


1. Limited colors: matt black and black.

2. The sizes are a bit small.

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5. Shark EVO One 2 Helmet:

Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

This Shark is a top-rated flip up design suitable for riders of all levels and skill-sets.The unique feature of the Shark EVO is the chin bar that flips all the way back from the front and makes it stand out, unlike any of its competitor designs.

Also, this chin bar keeps the helmet light and out of wind gusts to minimize any sort of disruption while riding the bike.With its injected thermoplastic resin, and a perked up quick-release system, the Shark EVO offers a great deal of protection.Additionally, an anti-scratch sun shield and a high-tech visor made with anti-fog plastic materials offer improved visibility to a maximum.


1. Features reinforced magnetic fastening system on the chin.

2. Comes in two shell sizes.

3. Features a detachable and washable antibacterial lining.

4. Reduces airborne noise. 


1. Polycarbonate helmets are less durable.

2. Available with transparent visor option.

3. Weighs more than other helmets.

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6. Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet:

Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

Last but not least entry, the Shoei Neotec is a prevalent name in the motorcycle lovers community.Often seen as the standard and model specimen of how a modular helmet should be, this helmet has all the necessary features like a sleek design, safety, reliability, and durability.

The Shoei Neotec 2 is evidently and improved version of its predecessor, the original Shoei Neotec. This successor version features the AIM+ (advanced integrated matrix plus) technology.This technology indoctrinates a matrix fabricated with highly durable and long-lasting materials such as fiberglass, allowing the helmet to stay lightweight while making no compromise on stability.

Its built-in, inner QSV-1 shield is an advanced UV protection technology, another important upgrade from its previous model.A CNS-3 base-plate system and moisture-wicking material on the inside make the Neotec 2 one of the smoothest and effortless transitions from full to open face designs.


1. Advanced technologies in terms of modular aspects.

2. A sturdy and reliable yet lightweight fiberglass design.

3. Comes in four shell sizes and five liner size options.

4. Features a sleek, aesthetic design. 


1. The micro-ratchet strap is less comfortable.

2. Matte finish gets marked fairly easily.

3. Less noise reduction compared to full face helmets.

4. Weighs more than other helmets.

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Flip Up / Modular Helmet Buying guide:

Here are some points to consider when you are buying a modular flip up helmet.


Modular helmets, also known as flip up helmets, undergo several testing phases to evaluate their level of safety. For the best flip up helmets, you can find three types of safety certifications:


The Consumer Product Safety Commission is the end-all-be-all safety standard for a helmet, which means if you are purchasing a helmet that does not have this certification, it is simply not safe enough to buy, period.


The Department of Transportation plays a role in this certification to determine the safety features of a helmet by preset standards, to evaluate whether it is safe enough to use on public roads or not.


The company certifies for a more advanced level of safety features and isn’t usually a necessary standard for a helmet to be deemed safe. Nevertheless, it is something to consider while you are buying your helmet.

Other than these safety standards, there are many other factors that, when neglected, could prove dangerous and expose you to a higher risk of injury.

For instance, the signature element of a flip up helmet is the ability to flip up and change from full-face to a modular helmet. But it is critically important to evaluate whether the flip up part is sturdy enough or not to stay in its place and not fall back down while riding.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the helmet before buying so you will know it better before taking it for a spin.

1. Size:

The helmet you buy could have all the safety features, all sorts of gizmos, and gadgets and accessories attached to it, but if it is wobbly and does not fit, you are burning your load of dollars.

A helmet is supposed to fit your head correctly to keep you properly safe, so it is essential to critically determine the size you wear and the size that fits the circumference of your head.

To measure your head, all you need is measuring tape. Once you have your hands on the tape, make sure to keep it level and wrap it around your head right above the eyebrows. 

If you are willing to for a one-size-fits-all type, the best way to do it is to put it on physically and see if it fits the first hand. Nevertheless, in case you are shopping online, double-check and make sure there is a return policy and also review the size guide thoroughly.

Also, there is a great way to adjust to a one-size-fits-all helmet: find a model that comes with extra padding so you can fit inside the helmet if it is too big for your head.

2. Comfort and weight:

Best Flip up helmets for motorcycles and other vehicles like ATVs have a reputation as way more comfortable than full-face helmets, owing to their ability to open up from a full-face type to an open face with only a push.

This ability gives the rider the option to adjust the helmet according to preference or need for weather or terrain. If you live in a place with hot climatic conditions, make sure to look for a helmet with ventilation systems and to keep it breathable even on the sunniest and warmest of the days.

Additionally, make sure your helmet has added padding or cushions (preferably moisture-wicked), a protection visor to protect from UV radiation, and lastly, a neck-roll to keep the noise to a minimum.

3. Visibility:

There are two significant aspects to the visibility feature of a helmet, and both are equally important. The first one is proper visibility from the helmet, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions.

The second one: make sure you are visible to everyone around you. When buying a modular helmet, make sure to purchase one with a bright color pattern, so it is easy to spot from a distance. Taking into consideration the visibility from your helmet’s point of view, make sure the helmet you buy stays securely up when flipped and does not slide up and down while riding.

Also, it is critical to choose a helmet that offers the best peripheral vision possible, to keep you on your toes about everything and everyone around you on the road.

4. Durability:

Along with all the other aspects in view, make sure the helmet you buy is durable and sturdy enough to take a fall.

The strength of a flip up helmet is necessary, so in case of a collision, the helmet not only stays intact itself but also keeps the rider’s head protected. The outer shell is arguably the most essential property of a helmet when talking about the durability aspect.

Helmets fabricated with durable building materials like carbon fiber or fiberglass are not only safe and long-lasting but also lightweight to wear and easy to handle.

One often overlooked feature related to a helmet’s durability is its suspension. Make sure you are looking for a helmet that provides an Omni-dimensional suspension, so the helmet is capable of taking and handling an impact from any angle and any intensity.

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Modular helmets, also known as flip-up helmets, are hybrids between open face helmets and full-face helmets. These helmets allow the user to use them as a full-face model or flip them open to using an open-face model. These types of helmets come in handy in situations like hot weather since they provide better ventilation and improved field of view to the rider.

If you are a hardcore rider, sports riding, and high-speed track days define your personality, then go for a full-face helmet. However, if you want to enjoy your long commute, especially on a hot day where you need more ventilation or want to enjoy the views on the way, make sure you find a front-flip helmet so you can make the most of every commute.



In the concluding terms, it is safe to say that when you want the best of both worlds – one that makes no compromise on total safety and security while keeping the ability to give you the best motorcycle experience – the flip up helmet is your best bet. While there are a myriad of options on the market, make sure you buy one that suits your needs and preferences.
Our best pick is the FreedConn Motorcycle, for it has the best eyewear compatibility options, multimedia speaker integration options, and fiberglass outer shell for best protection while enjoying the perfect ride!



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