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2020’s Top Bicycle Helmets For Kids

2019’s Top Bicycle Helmets For Kids

Cycling is a new joyful activity amongst kids these days but it’s the foremost duty of parents to make sure that the child’s safety is checked first. Bike helmets are not accessories they are necessaries; they are safety equipment that provides life-saving essential protection for your child. Many children each year fall into bike accidents and end up with serious injuries thus it’s utmost essential to own a bicycle helmet. That’s why we Provide you the info on best Bicycle Helmets For Kids.

In most cases, a well-fit helmet could have thwarted one from serious injuries sustained during the accident. Unfortunate is that parents act childish and end up buying a helmet without considering few safety essentials instead they shop by style and color.  From the many fantasies that a child holds, to be a superhero or replicate one is on the top of the list.

They happen to like all those things that resemble their fantasies likewise when it is about their safety and a helmet is concerned even when they aim to have one that relates them to their favorite superhero or cartoon character often forgetting the real reason of having a helmet.

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Best Picks Bicycle Helmets For Kids of 2020

Based on performance and quality following are some of the best bicycle helmets of 2018 for kids.

1. Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bicycle Helmets For Kids:

Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bicycle Helmets For Kids:

Making sure of ones ride experience to be fun yet safe this toddler helmet from Giro is one of the best in the market. Giro Helmet comes in several designs like aviator pigs, pink bunnies, yellow chicks, red ducks, red goose also it has several hue options.

It comprises 20 vents that keep the child’s head cool. It comes with a mini-lock feature that assures the further safety of your kid without pinching their skin.

Features of Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet for Kids:

  • Built-in visor to protect from sun
  • It has a Built-in pinch-free locking buckle
  • Built-in bug net and micro-shell
  • Adjustable in size
  • Mini-lock fitting system
  • Soft padding inside offering comfort wear
  • Recommended for head size 18.75 to 20.5 in diameter
  • Easy and fun designs

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2. Giro Youth Scamp Bicycle Helmets For Kids:

Giro Youth Scamp Bicycle Helmets For Kids:

Youth scamp helmet is everything that comes with safety and beauty at a reasonable price while riding a bike. Youth scamp helmet has MIPS technology and in-mold construction with a padded shell. It is simple thus easy to use and lightweight thus comfortable on the head.

This covers the wide range of head circumference to fit various head sizes or be with your child for a longer period of time. It doesn’t compromise over fit, style or ventilation.

Features of Giro Youth Scamp Bicycle Helmets For Kids:

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable dial system and MIPS technology
  • Pinch guard buckles
  • Wide size range
  • Built-in visor
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell
  • EPS liner
  • In-mold construction

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3. Giro Tremor Bicycle Helmets For Kids:

Giro Tremor MIPS Bike Helmet

Giro Tremor Bicycle Helmets is a high-quality easy fit helmet with adjustable size feature. It is simple to use and has a rubber grip dial installed that is easy to turn and the soft side straps do not need adjusting.

It has internal pads that are made of the fine technical material for extra comfort and ventilation. Less plastic is used in this helmet to allow a better airflow. It has a MIPS feature that provides extra safety for the riders.It caters to the youth size of the 50-57cm head circumference.

Features of Giro Tremor Bicycle Helmets For Kids:

  • Rubber grip adjustable dial knob
  • Internal padding for extra comfort
  • Sturdy and easily removable visors
  • In-mold construction
  • Plenty of fun color options
  • 18 vents for ventilation
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • EPS impact foaming
  • Upgraded MIPS technology

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4. Giro Hale Bike Helmet:

Giro Hale Bike Helmet

As luxurious a helmet can get it portrays its best image. The key feature of this helmet is autofitted element, which takes off any percent of human error chance and fits on the child’s head perfectly.

The enclosed tension wire ensures a precise fit by automatically adjusting according to the head size. Now one may send their child to roam around in neighborhood on their bike knowing they are safe with the Lazer Nutz kids helmet.

Features of Giro Hale Bike Helmet:

  • Autofit system
  • Pinch-proof buckles
  • MIPS
  • In-mold construction
  • Enclosed tension wire to precisely adjust with size
  • 16 ventilation vents
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Built-in visor
  • Locking chin strap sliders

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5. Triple Eight LIL 8 Dual Certified Sweatsaver Kids Skateboard Helmet:

Triple Eight LIL 8 Dual Certified Sweatsaver Kids Skateboard

Along with being lightweight and breezy they still stay functional and fun at the same time. Providing all the requirements of modern, urban and active applications it happens to be one of the best options.

It isn’t quite cheap but the quality it offers makes it worth the price. The in-form mold technology versus the hard-shell greatly reduces its weight making it more comfortable to wear.


  • Hi-tech in-mold technology
  • 12 air vents
  • Fit lock magnetic buckle
  • 3 bases sizes
  • Cool-max paddings prevent sweat drips
  • Comes in various colors

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6. Bell Sidetrack Youth Bicycle Helmets For Kids:

Bell Sidetrack Youth Bicycle Helmets For Kids:

Made for kids yet styled like an adult’s mountain bike helmet. A helmet can only protect one if they are wearing it thus this one is made like so, to attract the kids and make them wear it.

It is built with in-mold durable construction that supports the sturdy dial adjust system.

Features of Bell Sidetrack Youth Bicycle Helmets For Kids:

  • Ergo-fit
  • In-mold construction
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Pinch guard buckles
  • MIPS installed
  • Durable removable snap-in visor
  • Sidetrack feature
  • 15 vents for ventilation

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Fundamental Factors to Look into When Buying a Bicycle Helmet For Kids:

But how do we know that we are investing in the right helmet, it is most important to keep a balanced check of a few factors as its safety concerns and no one likes to take risks on that. Following are just a few factors to look into when planning on getting your hands on the best bicycle helmet for your kid:

  • Size: generally helmets do not come with the label of one-size fits all; in fact, they come in a range of head circumference coverage.
    To make sure you are buying the right one its best to measure your child’s head circumference from one inch above their eyebrows and find the helmet that falls within that range. A helmet too small can hurt your child and too big will not provide any safety.
  • Adjustability: many helmets come with an internal plastic cage to stipulate proper fit according to the child’s head.
    Since children head shapes vary thus internal adjustment is a must to allow the helmet to conform to a range of head sizes. This helps the helmet stay in place and delivers better protection.
  • Comfort: comfort it utmost important or else no one will wear it thus the companies manufacturing helmets make sure to install the inner cushioning that allows enough comfort throughout the ride.
    Moreover without cushioning the helmet is likely to move around causing further disturbance and may lead to a calamity.
  • Buckle type: as much as wearing a helmet is of immense importance like so buckling it up is too. Often time’s children are usually hesitant of buckling them due to being pinched while locking it.
    Thus many helmets come with a cushioned guard under it to inhibit the pinch from occurrence.
  • Construction: usually helmets come in two different constructions hard-shell and in-mold, both of these provide sufficient defense against crash fallacies. The main difference between the two is just the outer protective shell.
  • MIPS: MIPS that stands for multi-directional impact protection system, which is an extra safety feature, offered by several high-end helmet manufacturers. It is proven to lower the impact effect no matter what direction it is in.
    It contains a non-obstructive inner plastic cage, which is attached to the foam core with flexible rubber anchors to prevent collision effects.
  • Visors: a blinding sun while riding a bike is a certain distraction. Most bike helmets come with built-in or clip-on visors to protect from the sun and its effects while riding a bike.

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Final Verdict:

Kids these days, they love to ride; sometimes heroically, and they have more trails, bike parks and exciting places to shred. Regardless of how pro one is when riding a bike, a helmet is important safety equipment for every rider.

Unlike adults its much difficult when it comes to the protection of a kid, as they do not understand the real purpose of it and are absolutely unaware or risks and hazards involved with riding a bike and they just want to enjoy the hassle-free ride.

Hence it puts them near to the risk line to severe injuries. It becomes really vital to meet the child’s interest and yet take care of the safety. Nowadays many helmets come with a variety of prints and designs that attract a kid and encourages them to wear one like their favorite superhero.

For parents who teach their kid how to ride a bike, it is ones first and foremost duty to acknowledge them of safety rules first.

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