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Motorcycle Helmet

12 Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets 2022 – Review

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

12 Best Carbon Fiber Helmets 2022 For Sale – Buying Guide:

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Below are a few best options that one may look into when thinking of buying a carbon-fiber hard helmet:

1. TORC T1 Motorcycle Full Face Helmet (Mechanic Carbon Fiber):

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to comfort storm motorcycle full-face helmet meets the needs. It is very lightweight and comfortable. It is lightweight and durable with an alloy shell. It is heavily cushioned to minimize accidental impact.

The TORC 2019 new T-1 best carbon fiber motorcycle helmet is the retro-modern leader. Classic full-face styling combines modern multi-density eps construction, impressive ventilation, a high-quality removable face shield, and an ultra-plush interior.

The interiors are removable and washable, this keeps the hygiene in check. The design is also very beautiful with a UV protective glossy finish. The aerodynamic design crosses the wind pretty well. This helmet lets you turn your head while riding the bike very easily without any discomfort.

It is DOT approved thus it is a great investment when it comes to riding safely.


1. Removable Shield, Faux Suede Liner, Meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218.

2. Front Chin Vents with Metal Mesh Intake and Exhaust Vent.

3. Carbon Fiber Shell Construction.

4. Padded Chin Strap with D-Ring Closure, Multi-Density EPS.

5. Ultra lightweight.


1. If you have an intermediate oval head shape, you might notice that this helmet is difficult the more you wear it.

2. Above 50 mph, tail noise can become a major problem, and it can be made worse if you don’t have a batting fairing.

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2.Scorpion Motorcycle Modular Full Face HB89 Carbon Fiber Helmet:

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

It is one of the beautiful yet durable helmets with carbon fiber construction that makes it quite sturdy and reliable.It is lightweight and has an aerodynamic alloy shell that makes it strong enough to handle any accidental impacts. It has a beautiful glossy finish.

The ST1400 also offers the ride-specific versatility of an integrated SpeedView® Sun Visor, AirFit® custom inflation system, Comm-Ready convenience, and Aero-Tuned Ventilation.

Shell:Resin-infused TCT-U™ 3K carbon fiber shell composite weaveBy combining state-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing, and materials into a sleek aerodynamic chassis, the one of the lightest helmets in its class.

The result is high velocity airflow from front to back that pulls heat and humidity up and out for a cool, dry ride.Airfit® inflation adjustment system provides user-defined fit customization not only for comfort but for specific riding situations.


1. Durable and sturdy construction.

2. Not so expensive.

3. Two visor choice.

4. Doesn’t fog up.

5. Vents are easy to use.


1. Quality of visor could be better.

2. The vents are not of good quality.

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3.BELL Eliminator Carbon Street Helmet:

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

Just in case you are looking for a top-notch item that is good-looking as well as highly durable then spending just a few extra dollars to get your desired product is right here. The construction is made of fiberglass, SSL, Kevlar, and carbon and that’s exactly what makes it highly sturdy and durable.

The new Eliminator delivers bold, assertive street performance. Sixty years of evolution is rolled into a stripped down, no-BS helmet that combines light weight, perfect fit and a legendary reputation for protection.

The auto-inspired design is available in either fiberglass composite or carbon fiber shells and can be worn with no-fog face shields or visors. Scorch the dragstrip. Carve the canyons. Own the streets.

DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard, product also meets requirements imposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Best carbon fiber motorcycle helmet has adjustable visors to further meet the user’s needs and it is resistant to scratches.The interior is made of Dry-Lex liner that is easy to remove and wash. The design overall is very alluring and high quality.


1. Available with 6K Carbon Shell.

2. Recessed EPS speaker pockets.

3. Eyewear compatible.

4. Eyewear compatible.

5. ProVision Anti-Fog Shield with Class 1 Optics.


1. The vents are not adjustable.

2. Tools needed to change the visor.

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4. Bell Bullitt Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet:

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

A product that is extremely vetted by many, one will surely look into it. This helmet is a tribute to the older models by the same company. However, it has many new features that are liked and need of many.

It is DOT approved which makes it a priority buy. As a plus, this model has a liner very dense and the shell made of carbon fiber.The interior is of leather construction and is anti-bacterial as it can be taken out and cleaned well.

Moreover, the cheek pads incorporated in this helmet are very comfortable and there is a chinstrap for further protection.

Not just that, it has extra pockets in the design that can accommodate additional speakers.The 5 metal mesh vents and one exhaust ensures to keep the helmet cool.


1. Magnet fusion strap.

2. Anti-bacterial interior.

3. The liner is removable and washable.

4. Personalized Fit.

5. Low-profile carbon shell.


1. It doesn’t have a good visor system.

2. The only downside to the helmet is probably its cost.

3. Although all the features you buy are worth it.

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5. Daytona Helmets Carbon Fiber Slim Line Skull Cap Half Shell Helmet:

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

One who owns a speed bike the next essential step usually is to get the hands on a new helmet.Safety matters most.This particular helmet might stir many riders attention for the features it posses.

TOP VALUE! Safety comes first…Done!. Then what?: Visual Appeal and Comfort. That’s why we included a Free Head Wrap and Cloth Draw String Bag for you to enjoy.

DESIGN PERFECTION! Other items cut into your neck when bending your head back. We solved this problem by designing our Skull Cap with a contoured shape.

This ensures that If you bend your head back our helmet will never cut into your neck.It will also prevent a lift effect at high speeds by keeping your Skull Cap straight instead of inclined.

NOVELTY AND COLLECTABLE – Daytona Helmets offers a wide selection, from Patriotic themes to famous landmarks, of colors and high-resolution novelty printed images for this Skull Cap.

The alloy shield is resistant enough to not break in case of a crash. It is highly breathable and stays cool in hot weathers.It is a cost-efficient option when it comes to buying a carbon fiber hard helmet.


1. Magnet fusion strap.

2. Anti-bacterial interior.

3. Cost efficient.

4. Highly breathable.

5. Durable and sturdy.


1. Open design means exposure to the elements.

2. Only usable for oval head riders.

3. Snap-on visor can break easily.

4. Poor interior quality.

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6. HJC RPHA 70 ST Artan Men’s Street Motorcycle Helmet:

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

It is the choice of many passionate riders and fan of motorcycling. If you are one of those then you already know that the bell race star helmet was the first of its full-face kind and so they happen to be one of the pioneers in the market.

The RPHA 70 ST Carbon Helmet improves upon the original RPHA 70 ST model by ditching the fiberglass composite shell and going with a complete carbon fiber shell instead. The result is a sport touring helmet that looks like it belongs on the track.

An updated shell structure helps the helmet weigh less than its standard counterpart. Dual-purpose top vent keeps air moving into and out of the helmet at speed.

Premium MultiCool material wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep the interior comfortable even after touring all day.Deploy the dark smoke internal sun visor to keep the sun out of your eyes without having to physically swap out a face shield.

The RPHA 70 ST Carbon helmet will keep you touring in comfort. If you intend to purchase this particular helmet then it is important to know that it comes in 5 shell sizes to choose.This is equally long on the front side as is on the back.


1. Rear vent switch for easy control of air flow.

2. Three-layer impact liner.

3. Anti-fog smoke tinted sunshield deploys quickly.

4. Three-layer impact liner.


1. Something more expensive than a novelty themed helmet.

2. It is excellent premium helmet.

3. The internal visor does not move enough.

4. Difficult to access lower chin.

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7. LS2 Rebellion Unisex-Adult Half Helmet Motorcycle Helmet:

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

It is another cool looking model that one may look into when thinking of buying a carbon pro helmet.It contains the most advanced shell in the market. This particular helmet is extremely lightweight but still very good with its ability to keep you safe during an impact.

One doesn’t need any kind of tool to close this shield. The ventilation system is also undoubtedly outstanding it includes two large front intakes and a rear exhaust spoiler.In this way, the heat can be sucked out and the helmet stays cool. The interior can be cleaned whenever, as it is removable and washable.It is ultra lightweight and dual dense shell. It meets DOT standards.


1. Lightweight.

2. Durable and sturdy.

3. Washable removable liner.

4. Great ventilation system.

5. Shock resistant.


1. The headset does not effectively reduce noise due to the multiple vents.

2. Snap-in headliner design can sink into your temples.

3. It is a bit expensive compared to other products with similar characteristics.

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8. LS2 Helmets Open Face Cabrio Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet:

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

It is one of the professional grade helmets that doesn’t only meet them but exceeds. It is a versatile product catering anyone riding a street bike, cruiser, scooter or even a racing bike.It fits best both men and women.It has a shell made out of carbon fiber.

The LS2 Cabrio sets a new standard for ultra-lightweight style and performance in an open face motorcycle helmet. Built from our wide-weave pure carbon fiber, this is a product built for riders who appreciate both function and style.

Lightweight. Great for riders who have issues with their neck.Technically advanced.The Cabrio includes our Twin Shield System drop down sun shield and a DOT approved quick release chinstrap for a secure fit that is easy to get on and off.

The comfort padding is a work of art and includes cheek pads that are precision cut using LS2’s 3D Laser Technology for superior comfort and no “hot spots.”We include an optional, easy to install flip-up, optically correct, scratch resistant face shield for days when you want a bit more wind protection.

Whether you ride a cruiser, tourer, scrambler or scooter, Cabrio sets the pace. This model has a LONG OVAL FIT. Designed at LS2 Helmets World Headquarters, Barcelona, Spain.

It meets or exceeds DOT and ECE standards and is covered by a limited 5-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.It is much reliable and durable. The liner is comfortable and easy to wash. The sun visor and double D-ring buckle are a plus.It can be matched well with a Bluetooth system and it may be worn easily with glasses as well.


1. Aerodynamic ABS shell.

2. Professional grade shell.

3. Extra space for glasses and Bluetooth speakers.

4. Fashionable design.

5. Removable washable liner.


1. Due to its shape and design, people with smaller heads are unlikely to feel good.

2. Headlining snap button design can dig into your temples.

3. It is a bit expensive compared to other products with similar characteristics.

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9. Daytona Helmets D1-BNS Skull Cap Style Motorcycle Helmet:

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet


Looking for something that doesn’t cover your entire face yeah that can be a bit uncomfortable to many yet we look for safety thus this helmet may just be the right pick for you.

It is DOT approved and has outstanding features. It is one of the sleek looking helmets due to its slim design to deliver a much-contoured look.It contains a moisture-wicking fabric from inside besides that it is very comfortable and very easy to operate.

It has quick release lock that can be instantly detached with just the use of a single finger but when it comes to sturdiness and safety it is made of carbon fiber material and does the job quite well.


1. Comes in 3 different shell sizes.

2. Nylon Y-strap retention system.

3. Moisture-wicking fabric.

4. Keeps head cool.

5. Easy to clean liner.


1. The sizes are smaller compared to the size chart.

2. Expensive.

3. The inner linner cannot be removed.

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10. HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Shell Motorcycle Helmet:

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

It is a quite simple helmet yet one of the best in the market. It is very lightweight as the shell is made of polycarbonate composite thus also that why it is pretty sturdy.

The V4 shield can be pulled down easily whenever needed.  It comes with a removable and washable liner.Thus it can stay anti-bacterial to make you feel comfortable. Interior is moisture wicking and is a high quality reliable product.

This helmet includes the feasible strap that can be secured during the ride.It usually provides the ideal fit and many buy it for the fact that how good it looks. It is a great helmet that may be used on daily basis.On the safe side, it is DOT approved.


1. Easy removable and washable liner.

2. Easily deployable shield.

3. The integrated smoke sun shield.

4. Plush and moisture Nylex interior.

5. Nylon D-ring retention system.


1. The visor is small and does not protect your eyes or face.

2. The sound of the wind is loud.

3. The chin strap is short and can be difficult to buckle.

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11. Shark Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet:

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

The list of the best carbon-fiber helmet would be incomplete without mentioning this particular product.This helmet has the most modern design it is safe lightweight and built with the aerodynamic designlines to give it sleek look.

It is a compact unit that is very comfortable and also quite. The extra add on is the micro-porous lining of the interior that dries very fast.The exterior usually looks pretty aggressive ye to many it is one of the pleasing elements.

The shell is ultra light as it is made out of carbon and aramid fibers.As this helmet is built according to modern principles thus the technology used in assembling the helmet allows you to easily remove or replace the shied without any tool.


1. Comfortable compact and quite a helmet.

2. SSL composite fiber, carbon fiber, and Kevlar shell.

3. Anti-fog shield.

4. Face mask and goggles Quick Release System.

5. Light weight, balanced, aerodynamic design.


1. It might seem a bit too big for the head, especially when you compare the size to other helmets.

2. The outer mechanisms and levers are not suitable for gloves.

3. Since the aperture is higher than usual, you will get direct glare on a sunny day.

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12. Shark Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet:

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

This particular helmet is a pretty reliable product with double shield design and a side button that retrieves the inside of the visor.

Two lens options, smoked lens, and an optional clear lens.The High-End design open face urban helmet! SHARK Helmets S-DRAK Carbon Dagon is a new high-end addition of the iconic DRAK Urban Helmets family.

This pure and streamline design open face helmet shows off premium attributes like its shell made of carbon fiber and its gun metal finished side panels.SHARK Helmets S-DRAK Carbon Dagon benefits from the same slim shell design as the X-DRAK giving it an outstanding style.

SHARK Helmets S-DRAK Carbon Skin is equipped with removable mask and a retractable sun visor and can receive an optional peak and has a specific high quality suede interior.Exhibiting the same badass killer look as that characterize the DRAK and X-DRAK, SHARK Helmets S-DRAK Carbon Dagon differs by it high-end exterior and interior terminations.

The shell is made of a thermoplastic alloy that is extremely sturdy and very lightweight.The helmet comes with UV protective finish that is an add-on that many looks for.


1. Outstanding Style. Slim-fit outer shell for a lower helmet profile.

2. Removable face mask. Sun visor with wind deflector included. Snaps for optional peak.

3. Premium finish. Gunmetal finish on the mask and side panels.

4. Premium finish. Gunmetal finish on the mask and side panels.

5. Ready for installation of the SHARKTOOTH (or other) Wireless Entertainment System.


1. Little bit expensive.

2. The inner lining could be softer.

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How Safe Is This Investment?

I’m sure that helmets are there to provide safety while you ride. But what about a carbon-fiber hard helmet, how safe is this investment? It is obvious that it is a quality material used to make helmets as NASA uses carbon fiber technology as well to develop various devices.

It makes the helmet incredibly durable and lightweight, yet the protection against accidental collision is remarkable. If you are looking for a safe and reliable helmet, carbon fiber helmets are definitely great to buy.

When we look into the durability and stiffness of the helmet, we are sure that the carbon fiber units are way better at doing their job compared to the other similar counterparts. The main advantage of the best carbon fiber helmet is that they make it really lightweight thus we can comfortably wear them for a long journey.

It is also worth highlighting that many DOT-approved helmets are usually made of polycarbonate as they are well tested against any impact. Nevertheless, no matter what helmet we choose it’s important to at least look into the product that is well tested and can promise confidence.

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Factors To Consider Before You Invest In The Carbon Fiber Hard Helmet:

When it comes to taking dollars out of your pocket we don’t want any penny to go to waste, thus it’s best to evaluate your choice before buying.

A few factors that one shall look into while buying a carbon fiber hard helmet are:

1. Internal liner:

this is the first and foremost important feature that every good helmet shall contain.It is also important that the liner is made from moisture absorbing fabric that can keep you dry and keep the perspiration from dripping on your face while you are driving.

2. Padding:

it is another essential that keeps your head and face protected against any crash impact.It is also important to look for EPS foam padding which is indeed the best type as it can very well absorb the shock collision effects.

3. Visor:

depending on our time of riding, we need a visor that may provide comfort both in daytime giving protection against those stubborn rays and also UV protection, on the other hand, shall be able to cut on the reflective lights at night that disturb the vision.

4. Design:

even though it’s a safety element still one doesn’t want to wear a bag of shit on their head thus the design is what we all love to consider as that pleases us and boosts our confidence.

5. Fit:

it is advisable to only buy a helmet that fits you perfectly as anything too big or small will cause a disturbance and may lead to accidents.While riding a bike comfort is what we look for and to ensure that it’s ideal to wear your perfectly fitted helmet.

6. Cost:

that is one’s personal statement of how much you are willing to spend, but again we don’t want to pay the gold price for sand.Thus look into the price as well as features to evaluate your purchase.

7. Additional features: 

Human nature wants more, and thus extra features in the hard carbon helmet are a plus and one may look for them according to their budget like camera, Bluetooth pairing etc.

As helmets play an important role in protecting one in case of accidents,thus it is obvious that motorcycle riders shall put in their money in a product that suits them.

Above mentioned are a few factors that you may look into. Often times we are ordering the product online and so its best to see the ratings and reviews as we can’t see the product ourselves physically.



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