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Top 10 Affordable Full-Face Helmets for Safety and Comfort In 2020 – Buyer’s Guide to Full-Face Helmets

Full face helmets are the ultimate form of protection when it comes to riding a bike, for they are the only type of helmets that provide protection to all parts of the head. And when you are sure that all of your face, skull, and neck are completely covered in a layer of protection, you can take your game to the max speed on any unforgiving piece of terrain you want. 

There is no doubt that other forms of helmets such as half-face helmets and quarter face helmets offer a load of other advantages like a better field of view, improved ventilation, and airflow among others, there is nothing that compares to the safety and sense of protection from a full-face helmet, specifically when you are the type of adventure or adrenaline junkie that wants to amp up his game while making no compromise on wellbeing. 

Anyone who has ridden his bike or any other two-wheeler like a mountain bike or ATV can easily tell you the sensation of safety that takes over while riding at high speeds with a full-face helmet. But safety is not the only perk you avail with a full-face helmet; it also protects your face from gusts of strong wind and cold air in the winter season. Furthermore, your face will also stay safe from all kinds of debris flying around: mosquitoes and other bugs, dirt particles, hailstones, and raindrops, you name it.

 Since you have made your way to this article and read through the upper section, there is a high chance that you want to read more about buying the best full-face helmet in 2020. So sit back, relax and read the following article to learn about the advantages of a full-face helmet; thus you will have a better idea of which model suits your needs the best, and which one you should buy.

1. MMG 22 Full Face Motorcycle helmet    

At the very first glance, the MMG 22 Full Face Motorcycle helmet looks like a pretty intimidating piece of equipment. It comes equipped with multiple visors, one for daytime usage, and another one for night rides. The MMG Full Face Motorcycle helmet features a matt black finish, and both the aforementioned visors come equipped with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings to ensure improved visibility and longer lifespan of the visor.

Other notable features include a pair of cheek pads, an EPS impact absorption inner liner, and a quick-release visor mechanism system for quick on and off accessibility. The cheek pads are easily detachable and washable for added hygiene. The MMG comes in a range of sizes featuring from small to extra-large options.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry 
  • Aerodynamic design for minimized wind resistance at high speeds 
  • The detachable and washable inner liner
  • Comes DOT approved 
  • Comes equipped with separate visors for day and night uses


  • No SNELL certification


The MMG Full Face Motorcycle helmet is one of the best budget-friendly helmets since it is not only safe but also very light and comfortable to wear. It comes with multiple visors which the user must learn to use. The selection should be according to lighting conditions; for example, in bright sunlight, the smoky visor would come in handy while in low light conditions like dusk, dawn, or night time, the clear visor is more useful. With the price range under-consideration, the helmet is a great catch. Although it is not as flashy as its higher-priced counterparts, it surely offers the same level of protection with an improved aerodynamic design for minimal wind resistance.

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2. 1Storm Motorcycle Bike Full Face Helmet

The 1Storm Motorcycle Bike Full Face Helmet comes equipped with a mirrored visor and provides the ultimate form of protection against all kinds of flying debris such as bug, dirt particles, rain, and cold wind, etc. one of the most notable selling reasons of the 1Storm Motorcycle Bike Full Face Helmet is its lightweight design, and the comfort of wearing that comes with it. The helmet weighs a mere four pounds, making it one of the most lightweight models on the full-face helmet market of 2020. Nevertheless, the lightweight of the helmet makes no compromise on safety and manages to offer better than average protection in comparison to its heavier, more expensive counterparts. Moreover, the three-level ventilation system provides the user with total control over airflow, owing to its greatly adjustable design.


  • Three-level, highly adjustable top ventilation system 
  • Lightweight design for comfortable rides 
  • Aerodynamic design for more speed and less air resistance 
  • The detachable and washable inner lining design 
  • UV radiation protection finish 
  • Comes equipped with a mirrored visor


  • Bulky and somewhat unappealing design
  • Lacks a clear face shield

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3. Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Helmet 

The Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Helmet comes with the option to turn the helmet into an open face helmet with only a push of a button, a one-button flip-up. Just like the MMG, the Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Helmet also features a pair of visors, a smoky visor for daytime and bright light usage, and a clear visor for low light and nighttime rides. The Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Helmet also features a top of the line ventilation system that provides maximum air ventilation and cooling to the rider.

This ventilation system comes in handy specifically during harsh, high temperature climatic conditions, owing to its maximum airflow design. Other than that, a sweat absorbing inner liner outfitted with an EPS impact absorber keeps the rider from sweat trickling down his face and causing irritation. The inner liner is easily removable and washable for use after use. The model features a lightweight yet durable outer shell and comes in five different size options to choose from.


  • Features a retractable visor 
  • Comes equipped with an EPS impact and sweat absorption system 
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear 
  • Offers five different size options 
  • Features a top of the line ventilation for maximum airflow


  • Users complain about high wind noise 
  • The visor lacks an anti-fog coating


With an aerodynamic design that ensures minimum air resistance, two visor options and a weightless yet sturdy shell make the typhoon a great protective helmet even in case of an accident. However, there are some shortcomings, like the visors lack anti-fog coating. Thus, the visors are prone to fogging up in certain climatic conditions. To sum up, the Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Helmet makes a solid pick in terms of protection and features for different types of rides.

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4. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS full-face Motorcycle Helmet  

The Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS full-face Motorcycle Helmet comes DOT approved and surely ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to features that make it a perfect helmet. Some of the most notable features of the Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS include improved air ventilation technology, an integrated communication port, a multi-directional impact system (MIPS), and a study composite shell fabricated with polycarbonate material. Nevertheless, for all of these gizmos and features, the helmet does come with a steep price tag, which makes it hard to reach for riders on a tighter budget. 

But keeping the view of the type of features and protection, the Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS offers, most of the riders tend to agree that they find the helmet worthy of every cent spent. The Bell qualifier also comes equipped with a photochromic visor. This fancy visor is UV activated, which means the user does not have the need to change the visor manually, based on low light or bright light road conditions. The visor automatically adjusts itself and turns clear in low light conditions such as during dusk, dawn and nighttime rides, and turns smoky in bright light conditions.


  • Features an auto-adjusting, high-tech photochromic visor
  • Comes DOT approved 
  • Features a multi-directional impact system MIPS for added security 
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Features a sturdy polycarbonate composite shell for added impact protection


  • The visor lacks any kind of protective coating (no anti-fog or anti-scratch coating)
  • The helmet is expensive


The Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS is indeed a state of the art, lightweight and sturdy helmet offers a complete package with all the modern features like an auto-adjusting single photochromic visor, which changes color according to the lighting conditions. Although the helmet’s price tag seems like it’s a bit too steep, it still offers a lot in terms of breathability with a top of the line ventilation system, lightweight comfort and essential safety features like a sturdy polycarbonate composite shell. Plus, the user can also lock the helmet to his bike in case he is stopping for refreshment or heading out or the night.

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5. Dual Sport Helmet Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

The last but by no means the last entry on our list of best full-face helmets of 2020 is the Dual Sport Helmet Motorcycle Full Face Helmet. Owing to its eight, strategically placed ventilators, the helmet offers a design for ultimate ventilation and maximum airflow during a ride. This airing system is one of the main reasons why the model is a great seller for Dual Sports. This model also has a distinctive feature: it comes with three different visors. One of the three visors is a clear one; one is tinted while the third visor comes with a smoky finish design.

The user can select the visor according to the weather and lighting needs. The helmet also features improved stability, owing to its highly aerodynamic design, which significantly reduces the wind resistance at high speeds. The interior of the helmet is highly comfortable, owing to its heavily padded walls. The liners are detachable, and users can wash it to prevent bacterial growth and keeping the helmet fresh and clean. The outer shell of the helmet comes fabricated with tough ABS and EPS materials, making it one of the sturdiest models out there in the market.


  • An improved eight-vent ventilation system for maximum cooling and airflow 
  • Comes DOT approved 
  • Features a quick-release buckle for swift on and off accessibility 
  • Aerodynamic design for minimum air resistance 
  • The removable and washable inner liner 
  • Comes with three visors for different lighting and climatic conditions 
  • The shell comes fabricated with tough ABS and EPS materials


  • With a weight of 5.1 pounds, the helmet is rather heavy for some users 
  • Features Small size, not suitable for users with bigger head circumferences

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Factors to Consider Before hitting the Shop Now button

There are plenty of riders out there that do not want to wear a full-face helmet no matter what the cost is. If you ask them why they will come up with a myriad of reasons ranging from a limited field of view to breathability, it is true; full-face helmets tend to be very snuggly fitted and possess the tendency to fog up in certain climatic conditions, especially if the visor does not feature anti-fog protection. Plus, full-faced helmets sometimes get increasingly uncomfortable to wear in hot climates; with the heat and suffocation, and the sweat trickling down your eyes, it’s really unbearable sometimes.

That is all true, but over the course of times, helmets manufacturers have taken an entirely new approach to all kinds of helmet models, including full-face helmets. Nowadays, these new- fangled designs come equipped with integrated ventilation systems, impact-absorbing moisture- wicked features, and more. While some low-end models might still be uncomfortable to wear and obstruct visibility, the new high-quality models come well equipped to ensure maximum comfort while providing top of the line protection even in case of an accident. Moreover, these new helmet models will also protect you from all kinds of flying debris, harsh sunlight, and cold gusts of wind.

Following is a list of factors that you should consider before buying a helmet in 2020.


This is obvious that the full-face design offers the maximum amount of protection to the skull, crown, the face, and also the rear part of the head. This helmet design usually features a chin bar to keep the helmet secured to your head, so even in the case of an impact with a hard surface, you won’t lose it. 

Bikers who wear full-face helmets are less likely to endure facial injuries since the full-face helmet is the epitome of coverage when helmet models are under consideration. The rider who does not use a helmet that offers full protection faces a potential risk of brain and head injuries even with a quarter or half face helmet.

Comfort and Fitting

The full-faced helmet design offers a snug fit on the rider’s head. This tighter-fitting means that the helmet will not wobble and prevent the face from bouncing around. Also, it further strengthens the fact that the helmet will stay on even when the rider crashes into a hard surface. Additionally, the full-faced helmet design presents the perfect fit for riders who like to wear glasses or the ones who dislike the constant feeling of gusts of cold, piercing wind in their face.

Wind Noise Reduction

If you are a high-speed rider, there are thick chances that you dislike the disorienting and distracting wind noise that keeps on going past the head. Most full-face helmet models feature a wind noise reduction technology that keeps the air from entering the interior side of the helmet. This wind causes loss of concentration and makes it harder to focus; both of these factors become potentially dangerous at high speeds.

Protective Lining

While on the road, only external protection is not enough. The interior side of the helmet should also feature a liner as well as comfortable cheek pads to ensure maximum comfort and safety. These pads should be removable and washable so that easy cleaning is accessible to fend off any bacterial build up on the inner side. Usually, these pads come fabricated with impact-absorbing material to make sure that it significantly reduces the severity of an impact, whether to the face or the head. 

This inner lining also plays an important role in user comfort during harsh, high-temperature climatic conditions. Yes, it is true that full-faced helmets are considerably more uncomfortable to wear in hot climatic conditions, for they cause the rider to sweat excessively. This stream of sweat is arguably discomforting, but very few people realize that it is more dangerous than they can think. A single drop of sweat that makes its way to the eyes of the rider can cause severe irritation and obstruct vision, picture this situation in a high-speed race, and it will be easy t understand how perilous the situation is.

Fortunately, most of the helmets today come equipped with liners fabricated with moisture- wicking material, specifically designed to keep the rider sweat-free and to keep the skin cool and dry throughout the ride.


Are full-face helmets safe?
The full-face design covers most parts of the head and offers the maximum security to the skull, crown, the face, and also the rear part of the head. The full-face helmet design usually comes with a chin bar to keep the helmet secured to your head, so even in the case of an impact with a hard surface, you won’t lose it. Long story short, the full-face helmet is indeed the safest form of the helmet out there in the market.
Do I need a full-face helmet?
If you are a high-speed rider or somebody who loves to take his riding to the limit, you surely cannot make any compromise on safety and security. Thus you need a full-face helmet since they are the safest form of helmet designs out there in the market. However, if you are using your bike for a slower commute or just s random stroll along the countryside, you might be okay with a half-face or quarter helmet design.
How should a full-face helmet fit?
A correctly sized full-face helmet should fit snugly on your head, make sure it does not wobble or move back and forth or side to side when your head moves. Another way to make sure a helmet fits your head is to put a helmet on your head and make sure its front is no more than an inch above your eyebrows.

Final verdict!

While there is a myriad of full-face helmet designs and options out there, you have to find the one that suits your needs and preferences. According to our best pick, the Bell qualifier makes the best choice for it comes equipped with an auto-adjusting photochromic visor, lightweight yet sturdy design. Surely the price tag’s a bit steep, but its pros heavily outweigh its cons, choose wisely, and have a safe ride.

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