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7 Best Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets of 2022 – Reviews

Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets

7 Best Half Shell Helmets 2022 For Sale – Buying Guide:

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Half shell helmets are exactly what they sound like – a helmet that covers half the area of the head.

Well, there are no doubts that even the best half shell motorcycle helmets cannot provide the sense of security as compared to its full-faced counterparts, there are a ton of other luxuries that come with these half ones.

These often-overlooked luxuries and aspects make most bike enthusiasts totally unaware of them. There are pros and cons to every helmet you buy. While most riders prefer a full-faced helmet, there is nothing like a half shell helmet that allows you to breathe easily and enjoy every moment of the ride as if you are flying down the road while the cool fresh air whistles past your face, albeit with partial protection.

The fact that half shelled helmets leave the rider’s face exposed isn’t always a bad thing.In the right weather conditions, a half motorcycle helmet allows ventilation, cooling, and the rider gets to enjoy the perfect feel of his ride.In this article, we have covered a list of half shell helmets that offer comfort and protection, hand in hand.

Below lies a comprehensive review of products that would assist you in choosing the perfect model for you by displaying features like similarities and differences, color, weight, and rating, etc.

1. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Half Helmet:

Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets

This unisex half helmet by LS2 goes by the name “Rebellion”- pretty cool, right? Made with tough kinetic polymer allow, this lightweight helmet features a somewhat retro look with a modern flavor.

This half shelled motorbike helmet comes outfitted with a ported, flow-through ventilation system, which allows airflow through the helmet to keep the rider cool throughout the ride.

Another feature, the twin short peak shield system, offers sun protection and has two adjustability options: the halfway lock for sunshade and the full option for added protection. 

The helmet also features a quick-release system that allows users to put on and take off the helmet really easily and quickly. Moreover, the hypoallergenic liner is easily removable and washable. To keep the user dry and safe from moisture, this liner comes fabricated with moisture-wicking materials.


1. Moisture-wicking inner liner for humidity protection.

2. DOT certified.

3. Flow-through ventilation for added cooling.

4. Comes with an adjustable visor.


1. Visor protects the eyes only. 

2. Expensive.

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2. TORC T55 Spec-OP Helmet:

Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets

The first look at this spec-ops style helmet gives off a very military-style, call of duty-like impression. So if you are a COD fan, this helmet is sure to meet your taste. It sure has a World War 2 feel to it, one that has made its way into the 21st century. The paint job is indeed slick, and the helmet features solid construction, so it offers both protection and great graphics.

One of the selling features of this helmet is its ultra- lightweight- so light that you would barely remember wearing a helmet in the first place! The less you feel the helmet, the more comfortable your ride gets. Wearing a traditional full-faced helmet means that by the end of an hour or two, you will surely start to feel the effects of discomfort and pain, especially in your neck area.

This is the type of discomfort that cuts the rides short. So on a long ride down the countryside, you need a lightweight helmet to keep up with your ride buddies, take in the sights and make the most of your time on the road.Plus,the helmet comes reasonably priced so that it won’t be too hard on your wallet.


1. The visor features a drop-down design that stays up when flipped. 

2. Features and anti-bacterial inner lining.

3. Made with lightweight polycarbonate shell.


1. User has to pay close attention
to the manufacturer’s chart since
the helmet can run a pretty small size.

2. The visor is rather tricky
to remove.

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3. GLX Cruiser Motorcycle Half Helmet:

Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets

This is somewhat a perfect personification of a half shell motorbike helmet. The GLX cruiser deserves a ton of respect for its minimalist design alone. Not only for its great thermodynamic features, but the helmet also merits admiration for its built-in, retractable shield to go with it.

This built-in shield will take care of all the pesky bugs, dirt particles, rain, and other types of flying debris from getting into your eyes during a ride.The helmet has another admirable characteristic, its high impact absorbing system, fabricated with expanded polystyrene. This feature helps protect the skull against heavy blows in case of an impact, offering a level of protection comparable to a full-face helmet.


1. Features a quick-release retention system for quick on and off action. 

2. Has an optional smoke shield available and sold separately.

3. Comes equipped with a moisture-wicking liner.

4. DOT certified.


1. Might not be suitable for
all head shape or sizes.

2. Expensive.

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4. Core Vintage Open Face Helmet:

Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets

This open face helmet from Core has an evident retro feel to it-feels straight out of a 1960’s movie. It looks more like something Peter Fonda or Steve McQueen would love to wear.The Core Vintage Open Face Helmet is one of the safest models on the market today for its design offers more protection to the face as compared to its counterparts. 

The exterior layer of the helmet features automotive-grade paint that offers added scratch resistance and durability. Exceeding DOT’s safety standards, the Core Vintage is a great choice to hit the open road and take your bike across the country without a worry!.


1. The nylon liner aids in airflow promotion.

2. Liner is easily removable and washable. 

3. Exceeds DOT’s current safety standards. 

4. Lightweight but durable design.


1. Might not be suitable
for all shapes and sizes. 

2. The snap holding the
visor tends to fail.

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5. AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet:

Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets

The AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet has a sturdy build for a very affordable price.The helmet features a tough ABS shell and is easy to wear, owing to its lightweight.

A high-density buffer layer protects the rider from injuries upon impact. The AHR comes in four size options, making it a perfect choice of cushioned fit, comfortable helmet.

Lastly, its highly adjustable chinstrap keeps the helmet attached to the rider’s head even in case of an accident.


1. Affordable price range. 

2. Features an ABS shell. 

3. Lightweight and comfortable.

4. Highly flexible chinstrap. 

5. Features a removable visor.


1. Offers minimal neck protection.

2. Expensive

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6. ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet:

Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets

If you live in an area with a hotter climate, the ILM is the green light for you. The unisex helmet features a classic look and a premium ventilation system to keep the rider cool during rides.

An integrated visor featuring a drop-down design helps improve visibility in bright light conditions and also protects against UV radiation.This visor also protects against flying debris, mosquitoes, and other flying bugs, wind particles, and gusts of wind, etc.


1. Affordable price.

2. Improved ventilation system. 

3. Lightweight and comfortable. 

4. The visor is upgradable.


1. Might not fit well on
all head shapes and sizes. 

2. Chinstrap is hard to adjust.

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7. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet:

Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets

The Daytona Helmet features a design to perfectly suit and fit all heads of different shapes and sizes. Meeting the DOT certifications, the Daytona comes with a hundred percent money-back guarantee.

The shell comes constructed with a lightweight yet sturdy carbon fiber that provides not only great protection upon impact but also the lightweight encourages longer rides without any strain on the head or neck.

The contoured design allows proper fitting on the head and will keep it firmly in place, even during a high-speed ride!.


1. Meets DOT certification standards. 

2. Contoured shell design for maximum fit and grip.

3. Highly flexible chin strap. 

4. Features a moisture-wicking inner liner.

5. Lightweight yet sturdy design.


1. Doesn’t come with a visor.

2. Expensive.

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Half Shell Helmet – Buyer’s Guide:

With rapid changes in technology, modern half helmets are now much safer compared to their counterparts two or more decades ago. Many models now feature quick-release buckling systems, detachable shields, highly adjustable chinstraps, and study impact-resistant liners to ensure maximum safety and comfort while riding a bike, scooter, ATV, or any other two-wheeler.

The popularity of half shell helmet in 2022 is soaring sky-high, for they offer a better field of view and more freedom than their full-faced counterparts.

This is possible because of the limited amount of coverage a half helmet offers. However, this limited coverage comes with a greater risk of injury to the exposed face, ear, or neck areas. Some riders would consider this limited protection a major drawback, while others love it for the extended field of view.

Another considerable shortcoming of the half-face helmet is their limited eye protection which means the rider needs to figure out the right visor that suits his needs or wear a pair goggles to improve visibility and protect his eyes from flying debris and bugs etc.

With every helmet, there is a unique set of pros and cons. Although some models do provide all types of protection a rider would want, all he needs to do is learn some in-depth features and characteristics that the helmet model has to offer.

Improved Breathability:

Anyone with prior experience with a full-face helmet can tell you about the struggle to keep cool, deal with sweat on the eyes, and endeavor to ride comfortably in the hot sun. Better breathability is arguably one of the biggest perks of using a half shell helmet since they use half the amount of materials than a full-faced variant. 

The design allows much better airflow to the head and face and keeps the rider cool while he rides down the road. Some full-face helmets do come with ventilation systems to promote airflow, yet they don’t even work half as well as a half-shell does.

General Safety Concerns:

If you are considering switching to a half shell helmet, there is a huge possibility that you have already done some research about the pros and cons and features such as protection, comfort, and fitting.

The new models come tougher than ever before, fabricated with nearly unbreakable hardcore materials such as carbon fiber and polycarbonate. Ongoing debates about these half-shell helmet safety concerns among the rider community often end up fruitless.

Most riders say that safety depends on the rider rather than a helmet, while accidents are prone to occur no matter how skilled the rider is.While half helmets do offer better view and comfort, the major exposure to face poses a serious danger, so it is ill-advised to use a half shell helmet if you are a newbie.


Half helmet models can weigh as little as half a pound since most high-end models come fabricated with sturdy yet very light carbon fiber. The helmet’s shell comes equipped with a plush liner, complete with a number of D-rings to ensure a secure chinstrap.

Thus, these models feature a design to offer maximum comfort and safety at the same time.  The shorty style is one of the most popular ones- basically a bowl design with simple straps.

Moreover, there is a myriad of designs to choose from, including basic shells and chinstraps. Retro models, along with a complete leather patch over the years, are still in demand.

These retro models are generally good for riders who prefer ear warmth for riding in colder areas.


Another perk of the hall shell helmet for a bike is its versatility. Improving your comfort is no sweat since you can buy a myriad of accessories, including Snap-On visors, scarves, earmuffs, and much more.

Most models come compatible with a bike lock and come in handy in case you want to lock your helmet to your bike and stop for refreshment.


Half face helmets, often called beanies, come fabricated with lightweight yet sturdy materials to offer safety while keeping comfort in check too.

These lightweight helmets weigh nothing more than an average of two or more pounds, half the weight of a full-face helmet that is usually around five to eight pounds.

DOT Approval:

Since there was no testing required in the past, many unreliable models made their way to the market, and half helmets earned a bad rep. Now, things have changed; presently, it must meet safety requirements and safety standards set by the DOT (Department of Transportation).

Currently, these DOT approved models quickly fly off the shelf as riders are well aware of models that offer better protection and meet certain safety standards.

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The best way to find out is to get your head measured to know the exact circumference of your skull. The next step, check if your preferred brand offers a model that meets the sizing needs of your head. Make sure to always wear a properly fitting helmet, so it does not wobble.

This depends entirely on the brand you are purchasing from, some models come with visors while others do not feature any visor or shield at all. If there is a model you really like, you might have to purchase a visor separately if the brand does not offer it included in the purchase.



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