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4 Best Motorcycle Helmet Heads Up Display 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

To experience our riding hours to the fullest we don’t want any proponent of distractions that’s for sure. But if we look deeper into it safety gears like helmets cover some aspects of them to keep the wind and flies out of eyes and to secure our head and yet more but a lot that we still require is missing out. We often get down to writing a text to someone or just look up to the navigations not knowing the ways no matter if it is as small as just a sneeze it may just kill you if a mishap has to occur. Thus the idea of investing in the Best Motorcycle Helmet Heads-up Display a machine that covers it all is great to minimize the risk factors.

Motorcycle Helmet Heads up Display has taken over quite the percentage of the market out there. Investing in the right place may just give you a lot of peace. If done right it keeps your mind off of the distractions yet covering the essentials for you. One may easy strap it to the handlebar to look into navigation or keep it a bit on sight range or at times the head-up displays come integrated with your helmet.

On the other hand, if done wrong it may even lead up to a devastating accident but again the ratio in comparison is pretty low. A fender bender in a car or whether it be a ride on a bike it is really annoying and can lead to the ICU. Thus when we look into the bigger picture it is always good to spend a few dollars on safety and comfort measures than to regret later on spending hospital bills, god forbid.

Head up displays come in handy in that matter as that device keeps one informed of all the important information they need to get while riding without adding much distraction, and for the most parts it actually succeeds.

4 Best Heads Up Display Helmet 

Getting the best out of our budget and to meet the need is equally important, thus we shall always look into our options to meet our needs with a quality product that is being served in the market.

Following are few Best Heads Up Displays options that one may look into:

1. NUVIZ – Motorcycle Helmet Head Up Display:

This particular Motorcycle Helmet Heads up Display links to your smartphone and its own handlebar via Bluetooth. It’s very user-friendly and easy to set up as it takes only a few moments thanks to the clear instructions. It is both an iOS and Android friendly.

It enables one to make calls or listen to the music without being bothered much as the headset and microphone easily plugs in the main unit and fits in the helmet with Velcro pads. This Head-Up has built-in GPS so that if we want navigation or route maps it gets easier.

What’s a game changer here is the installed 8 MP cameras that can take stills as well as 1080p videos. It displays information right in front of your screen so that you can ride the bike with fewer distractions.

The near eye focus installed in this HUD minimizes the time taken to view critical data maximizing the attention on the road ahead.

Features of NUVIZ – Motorcycle Helmet Head Up Display:

  • Integrated navigation system
  • Built-in camera and music feature
  • HD camera that shoots stills and videos
  • Sleek design
  • The display on the natural sight line
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up and use
  • iOS and Android friendly

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2. Recon Instruments MOD Live Heads Up Display:

It is direct to eye Best Motorcycle Helmet Heads-up Display that is hands-free. The GPS feature of MOD lives HUD helps you pin your location within a meters radius. It allows smartphone connectivity. It gives you an idea of your speed when traveling and also the time giving you your performance stats.

This gives you a full navigation resource and when it’s paired to a compatible Android or iOS device you can have retimed tracking delivered directly to the sight.

You can enjoy music while on the go without touching your phone. It further allows you to receive texts and displays calls without disturbing you. It is a Canadian company promising quality product at a reasonable price.

Features of Recon Instruments MOD Live Heads Up Display: 

  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Overview of Google maps
  • Navigation feature
  • Traveling statistics
  • Easy to remote
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Affordable
  • Lets you track
  • Brings calls and texts on sight

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3. Kivic HUD 2nd Generation Head Up Display:

The display has adjustable brightening feature automatic or manual it be for up to 20,000Units being very suitable during the day and causing no trouble at night. It has a unique design and the installation is pretty simple.  By using the App we can control the notification settings, brightness, speed settings and more.

It makes the driving a much safer experience letting you focus on the road while it displays all essential piece of information in front of you. It connects Android or iOS smartphones wirelessly and the GPS system enables you to locate yourself and be on track.

Features of Kivic HUD 2nd Generation Head Up Display:

  • 10 inches display screen
  • Android and iOS support
  • Rear view camera option
  • Enables adjusting brightness
  • The clear view in a night as well as day
  • Navigation system
  • Speed check

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4. Motorcycle Helmet Heads Up Display 3.5 Inch HUD:

It provides safe drive in all weathers showing the important information like speed and compass. It is the compact and portable device.

This space-saving device is derived by GPS satellite too in order to provide route track and navigate. It has a speed check system and alarms integrated to beep over over-speeding.

The brightness is adjustable automatically. The Nanotechnology eliminates double reflection and makes it much easier to read. It displays the driving data right in front.

Features of Heads Up Display Motorcycle Helmet 3.5 Inch HUD:

  • Dual display modes
  • Reflects data right in front
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Alarm sound feature
  • Navigates
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Compass
  • GPS feature
  • Compact

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Motorcycling As a Sport Risky!


It is one ride that is enjoyed by many but equally is it risky if not taken proper safety measures. Helmets are the essentials but often they can’t do much to keep us distraction free thus the HUD now helps one enjoy the ride without being bothered.

This new technology is finding its ways for the future to be much common. We can install the HUD devices both on the bike itself or it may be integrated into your helmet as well let’s look at how.

Installing HUD on the Bike:

Installing HUD to the bike may be quite invasive. The HUD is mounted on the bike handlebar with GPS sensors and its wired to the ignition circuit of your bike.

It acts as your four-button control interface. In such a case the HUD reads the speed through its own GPS and indicates over speeding. In such a case the display is in front of you causing not many distractions.

Installing HUD on the Helmet:

It is installed at one end of the helmet providing all information on your eye level. In such a case you don’t even have to tilt ahead to see the data.

Like this, they are easy to add or remove using cheek pads and the microphones are stuck to with a Velcro to enable calling features. In this case, the information sits underneath one’s eye. It makes your dash completely redundant.

Factors That A Motorcycle Helmet Heads Up Display Device May Cover For You:

Factors That A Motorcycle Helmet Heads Up Display Device May Cover For You:

Starting from the basic showing the speed readings it gets quite versatile with features like showing maps, navigating, playing music to make your riding experience great, also it helps you the text if needed and at times the tiny mirrored see-through display just sits right below your vision line to be there without a distraction itself.

While with not many covering that aspect even then you may simply install them at the handlebar for the quick glance and the important features without getting your hands involved or mind to flick from a road.

Head up displays are one device that covers it all, one being different from the other yet majority head up displays cover many aspects and factors that are stipulated by the majority of them include:

  • Navigation feature: helps one get an idea of the route they are headed n without getting their hands busy on some other navigating device
  • Audio Sync: at times the Bluetooth feature in the head-up display lets you hear your favorite music making your riding experience a joy.
  • Calls: it enables you to make calls without getting out your phone and dialing the digits.
  • Maps and routes: it shows maps and routes if you have installed some right in front of you.
  • Camera: it is quite an alluring feature that lets you capture any moment without taking out your phone or another camera device. It’s quite easy to just take photos with a single tap.

Benefits Of Buying A Best Heads Up Display:


Riding a bike for work or any genuine transport reason or whether it be just for fun, keeping a check on all safety gears is essential. Counting on your helmet is just the basic but the advancing technology has further made riding easier and safer.

Heads up displays that are installed in your helmet make it a much relaxing experience overall. Let us look into just a few benefits it brings along:

Modular System Approach: 

That means it can be simple or comprehensive depending on our choice and need. It completely depends on how much we are willing to pay and what features we need.

Makes riding easier:

any extra information or activity that we need to do while riding a bike it completely takes care of that.

Context-oriented display:

it may be displayed inside your helmet to put ahead of all the relevant data in front of you while maintaining your focus ahead on the road.

One Device That Has It All:

Head up displays are one innovation that has it all in one device. They are user-friendly compact intuitive and distraction-free devices that incorporate the functionality of any basic device that you may need.

Any functions that one may need to use while riding are all installed in this one easy to use head-up displays like communication facility, navigations, music as well as camera so that one may focus well on the ride itself.

This particular innovation is compact and pretty easy to use. It is an intuitive and distraction-free device that has all the main features that one might need to look into while riding a bike. Not just the safety is maintained but it adds an element of luxury to the drive.

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Head up displays for the bike pretty much seem to do all that they commit by putting information right in front of your eyes as you ride minimizing the risks of an accident. They happen to work flawlessly giving all the essential information. HUDs are mostly compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones.

This cuts down your use of a smartphone while you ride but doesn’t keep you from making calls, listening to music or texting. The GPS features further make the ride a breeze by navigating you right. The speedometer keeps a check if you over speed and provides one usually an indicator via beep or color.

It is due that the HUD is a very good invention making the whole riding experience safe and fun. An investment in a quality product that ensures further safety is a good buy.  People had been talking about Motorcycle Helmet Heads-up Display for a while now and so there is competition to provide the best amongst some leading brands.

They come either integrated to the helmet or may be installed either way they do their tasks well. Integrated helmets are obviously an expensive call but surely are easy to use. They make the riding experience seamless providing all essential information in front of you when you are on your way.

Hope you Enjoy the Best Motorcycle Helmet Heads-up Display. If you enjoy the Best Motorcycle Helmet Heads-up Display and Information Provided in Best Motorcycle Helmet Heads-up Display Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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