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5 Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets Review 2022

Best Open Face Helmet

5 Best Open Face Helmets 2022 For Sale – Buying Guide:

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The open face helmet often goes by the name “three-quartered helmet.” If you are a biker and do not like the lack of freedom with a full helmet, an open face helmet is just the thing for you. The best open face helmets offer a greater field of view to the rider as well as the privilege to touch their face while riding their bike on the go. 

Since these open face helmets for motorcycles only provide partial coverage, there are obvious risks involved. Also, compared to the full-faced alternatives, these helmets offer less air resistance and more strain on the neck while traveling at high speeds.

So these helmets only come recommended for those riders who understand all the risks involved, yet they want to feel the most of their view while they ride their bike.  We have sorted out a list of the top 5 best open face helmets for 2022, and an in-depth review with all the features and aspects involved.

1.Bell Solid Custom 500 Touring Motorcycle Helmet:

Best Open Face Helmet

If you are looking for a sleek open face helmet for your next bike ride that won’t be too heavy on your pocket, then look no further than the Bell Solid Custom 500.

The helmet comes with a sleek matted black finish and looks great on almost everyone. In terms of safety, the helmet comes certified by DOT and features an extended five-year warranty.

For added comfort, it features a chin strap that keeps the helmet snuggled to the rider’s head, without giving off an uncomfortable or restrictive sensation.


1. A padded chin strap offers a snug fit and added comfort for the rider.

2. Features a truly stylish, low-profile look.

3. DOT certified 

4. Comes with an extended five-year warranty. 

5. Perfect for day to day commutes.


1. Not recommended for
usage at high speeds. 

2. Pretty basic in terms of looks.


When it comes down to it, Bell Solid 500 does a pretty good job in terms of protection at average speeds while sporting a pretty basic design. But for high-speed use and longer commutes, Bell’s solid 500 might not be as good as its other full-faced counterparts.

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2. LS2 Helmets OF569 Open Face:

Best Open Face Helmet

The LS2 Helmets OF569 has a reputation of excellence in terms of delivering unparalleled protection for its users.

The helmet provides pretty good protection while making no compromise on the most extensive field of view. This helmet fits snuggly on the user’s face using the 3-point chin strap.

One of the distinctive features of the LS2 Helmets OF569 is its ventilation control system that allows the rider to adjust the air resistance to some extent. Also, the helmet comes in a variety of colors to choose from.


1. Provides a more-extensive field of view to the user. 

2. Available in a variety of colors.

3. Offers adjustable ventilation to a certain degree. 

4. Features a flip-up screen.


1. The sizes seem to be a bit off. 

2. Padding isn’t as comfortable.


The LS2 Helmets OF569 is indeed a good investment, but bear in mind that it has its minor flaws- the helmet is not even half as comfortable as the Bell Custom Cruiser. Nevertheless, it provides a great deal of protection and is definitely worth its overall cost.

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3. HJC IS-33 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet:

Best Open Face Helmet

Those looking for a stylish, super-sleek open face helmet should definitely give this one a try. The HJC IS-33 features a myriad of colors to choose from, each one stylish than the other.

The helmet also features an advanced ventilation system that ensures added comfort to the user’s head throughout the ride. But that is not all-the HJC IS-33 also features an anti scratch 3D shield that offers 95 percent protection from UV radiation. 

The HJC IS-33 is DOT certified and features a sleek look; it does tend to feel a little tight on the jaw and a little less comfortable than the Bell Solid custom 500.


1. Offers a variety of different colors.

2. Feature a detachable face shield. 

3. Offers plenty of ventilation while riding. 

4. Ensures 95 percent protection.


1. Feels a little too tight on the jaw. 

2. Might not feel as comfortable.


When it comes down to it, the HJC IS-33 sounds like an outstanding deal, but in reality, it won’t suit everyone’s needs. Although it offers protection and UV prevention, it might not feel as comfortable as some of the other variants on the list.

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4. Bell Custom 500 Airtrix Heritage Helmet:

Best Open Face Helmet

If you are an old school biker, you are probably sure to fall in love with the Bell Custom 500 Airtrix Heritage. Although the helmet seems to feature a design to replicate old school helmets, it does much more than just that.

The chinstrap functions pretty much like back in the early days- using a D-ring closure. This D-ring features stainless steel construction, which makes it rustproof and durable for use, year after year.

Furthermore, the interior EPS is not only comfortable but durable as well. The only shortcoming here is that the EPS design doesn’t alter the airflow.If you are into custom styles, make sure to take all the time to look at the optional colors-they’ll definitely catch your eye.

The price feels just right, and with the manufacturer’s warranty thrown in the mix, things don’t get any better than this.


1. Easy on the pocket-highly affordable. 

2. Features an old school design.

3. Stainless steel D-ring closure. 

4. A five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

5. EPS interior liner.


1. Slightly bigger than
an average helmet.

2. Lacks a face shield.


Bell Custom 500 Airtrix Heritage is a pretty cool old-school design that will be sure to turn heads and draw attention. Although the helmet lacks a face shield, users can buy one separately from the manufacturer that perfectly fits the helmet.

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5. Shoei RJ Platinum R Open Face Helmet:

Best Open Face Helmet

Everyone has their own set of requirements and preferences when it comes down to open face motorcycle helmets. If you want an all in one helmet that features a sleek look, comfort, and durability, we suggest you take a look at the Shoei RJ Platinum.

This helmet comes loaded with a myriad of features that anyone would want in their motorcycle helmet. Plus, the Shoei RJ Platinum is pretty light and comes in a multitude of colors, making it perfect for our female bike lovers.


1. The EPS liner is durable and comfortable, Features a top-notch ventilation system. 

2. Features an adjustable top intake.

3. Outfitted with snaps for aftermarket shield.

4. Features a detachable, easily washable interior liner Outfitted with snaps for aftermarket shield.

5. A 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

6. Weighs only 3.8 pounds.


1. Slightly larger than most
of its counterparts. 

2. The EPS liner does not
alter airflow.


The Shoei RJ Platinum is arguably one of the best open face helmets, if not the best out there on the market. Its design ensures a perfect fit and excellent protection while carrying minimal weight. Although great for female riders, some might find the larger models rather undesirable. Nevertheless, in terms of safety, specifically in the congested areas, the Shoei RJ Platinum comes second to none.

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Factors to consider while wearing an open face helmet  Wear a DOT certified helmet:

Even if the state you live in does not have any helmet law, we highly recommend wearing a helmet that has a DOT certification.

This means it comes certified by the Department of Transportation and offers the best protection in case of a mishap.

Wear one that fits you perfectly:

A helmet should fit snugly, without causing any discomfort to the user. To make sure the helmet you are buying is a proper fit, make use of your pinky finger. Yes, you heard that right- insert your pinky in the space between your forehead and the helmet. You should only be able to fit the tip, but you can fit any more than that, put the helmet back since it’s too big for your head.

Avoid Damaged Helmets:

Avoid wearing helmets that have been dropped to the ground or involved in a prior crash. With no evident signs of an impact, the helmet could be a survivor of severe damage on the inside. The principal purpose of the helmet it protection, and a damaged helmet is unable to provide any sort of security.

Avoid Buying a Second-hand Helmet:

Reinforcing the abovementioned point, that you should not wear a damaged helmet, you should also refrain from buying a used one. The reason behind this is simple; you would have no idea or no way to find out if the helmet you are about to buy has been subjected to a crash or sustained any damage.

No amount of money is worth your money, so it is highly mindless to risk your life to save some buck and buy a helmet that has a potentially muddy history.

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Every individual out there has unique body features so that no design can fit perfectly according to everyone’s needs and requirements. The best way to find an answer to this is to measure the circumference of your head. The next step involves checking the sizing of a particular brand to make sure you order one that fits your skull correctly and does not wobble.

This depends highly on the size of the speakers and the helmet you want to choose for the purpose. Usually, a majority of brands do not offer helmets with speaker pockets. However, you can buy universal ear pads with speaker pockets from a separate supplier, and it would do just the trick.

Open face helmets are safe, but their full-faced counterparts are more reliable since they cover the whole face while public face variants only cover the skull. With much of the face left exposed, it is more prone to injury in case of a mishap or an accident. Especially for speed lovers, full-face helmets come highly recommended as compared to the open-face ones.

No! Do not even think of buying a used helmet, no matter what type it is! Contrary to a new helmet, an old helmet might have been subjected to an accident or have a similar history, which the previous owner might not tell you about. Even when there are no evident marks of an accident or a crash, there is a high possibility that the helmet’s structural integrity has already been compromised, so it ill-advised to use it. Risking your life for a couple of bucks can prove to be dangerously stupid on even the most experienced rider’s part. Make sure you buy a new DOT-certified helmet so you can ride without your safety uncompromised.



When shopping for any kind of helmet, you will surely come across a myriad of models, each one with its unique features, advantages, and drawbacks.
Some will feature face shields, while others will sport a retro/old school look. Different helmets from different manufacturers feature varying construction materials and have different weights, each with a cost of its own. Long story short, getting an open face helmet that suits your needs and requirements might be time taking since you will have to assess various models to make sure you get the one that suits your needs perfectly.

If you are a female rider, you might want to go for the Shoei RJ, while if you like to go all old school, the Bell custom 500 Airtrix Heritage will suit your taste.
Although our best pick is the Bell Solid Custom 500 Touring, it is affordable, safe, and durable to use!.



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